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Eco Solve 天然油彩清潔稀釋液

Our Eco-Solve is the most eco-friendly, non-toxic, natural professional paint thinner on the market. Representing a major breakthrough in eco-art technology, Eco Solve can be used to thin paint, clean brushes, and restore old, dried brushes, providing earth and health-conscious professional artists with a safe alternative to toxic conventional paint thinners. Eco Solve pairs perfectly with our Complete Eco-friendly Oil Paint Kit, allowing oil paint artists to create a completely non-toxic painting experience.


Our Eco-Solve comes in three sizes, 8 oz., and 16 oz.


Before purchase, please click the Technical Data to read for more information.


Eco-Solve 天然油彩清潔稀釋液可用於稀釋油畫顏料和清潔畫筆,其天然及無毒之特性可替傳統稀釋劑,讓喜愛使用油畫的用家體驗無毒安全又環保的創作旅程。


成分:產品由加工過的大豆油製成,有8 安士和16安士可供選擇。




注意:Eco-Solve 的乾燥速度比傳統的松節油/礦物酒精稍慢,用法可以像傳統溶劑一樣重複使用,只需將 Eco-Solve 放入封閉的罐子中便可重複使用。


購買前請先細閱Technical Data了解產品資訊。

Eco Solve 天然油彩清潔稀釋液

  • Ingredients: Made with processed soy bean oil.

    Non-Toxic: 100% natural. Tested by professional toxicologists. Does not emit harmful vapors. Does not irritate the skin. Does not pollute the soil or waterways.

    Safety: Safe and legal for air travel (unlike conventional solvents). Conforms to US Safety Standard D4236.

    Quality: Archival, professional artist-quality, non-yellowing. Subtle, fruity licorice scent. Excellent for creating washes, under-paintings, glazes, drip effects, etc. Extremely effective for cleaning brushes and tools.

    Packaging: This product is packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum or glass bottles. Aluminum and glass are infinitely recyclable, meaning they can be recycled repeatedly to create new products without losing quality.

    Notes: Eco-Solve dries slightly slower than conventional turpentine/mineral spirits. Can be reused like conventional solvents: simply let the Eco-Solve settle in a closed jar and carefully pour off the clean product left on top to re-use.

    More Information: Made in the USA. Free of nuts, dairy, and gluten. Cruelty-free. Not intended for consumption. Keep out of reach of children.

  • 成分:產品由加工過的大豆油製成。

    無毒:100% 純天然,由專業毒理學家測試,不散發有害蒸氣,不刺激皮膚,不污染土壤或水道。

    安全性:航空旅行安全且合法(與傳統溶劑不同),符合美國安全標準 D4236。


    包裝:本產品採用 100% 回收鋁或玻璃瓶包裝。

    注意:Eco-Solve 的乾燥速度比傳統的松節油/礦物酒精稍慢,用法可以像傳統溶劑一樣重複使用,只需將 Eco-Solve 放入封閉的罐子中便可重複使用。


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