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PLATFORM ART Jamming Studio


自2013年成立以來,Platform Art Jamming Studio 一直為兒童、青少年、成人、長者和許多企業客戶的提供不同類型的藝術服務。我們的Studio提供舒適的環境、齊備的畫具、優質顏料和細心教學,讓客人和學生可慢慢培養藝術興趣,增加個人藝術氣息。


藝術教育方面,Platform Art Jamming Studio主理人為美國波士頓大學藝術教育碩士,擁有14年以上藝術教學經驗,其他導師主修幼兒教育、插畫、動畫製作等,教學經驗豐富。我們很熱愛教育工作,著重於讓學習變得有趣,希望將藝術變成人們生活之日常,亦深信藝術能讓人們為身心帶來樂趣及能量。

A platform of art, showing the way how art can be a lifestyle.We are the bridge linking art and life. Since 2013 we have been being an art service provider for adults, kids, the elderly, and many corporate clients. We strive to bring cheerfulness and satisfaction to people from creating art.

Our studio owner, Fani, graduated from Boston University with an M.A. in Art Education. Her encounter with art started when she was 7 years old. Having been trained by her painting master from Shanghai for over 11 years, Fani began her art teaching career as an artist-teacher in Hong Kong in 2006. It has been her 14th year in the field of children art education. In our team, we have teachers who specialize in early childhood education, illustration, and animation production. With our passion and enthusiasm for art, we hope to bring art education to the next successful level in Hong Kong.

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