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退換貨條款 Returns Policy

​申請換貨 Returns Policy

  • 如產品有瑕疵,客人需於簽收後7天內電郵至,內容必須提供訂單號、購買日期、收據、相關產品圖片及說明換貨原因,缺少任何資料,換貨一律不受理。收到電郵後,我們會盡快回覆。如確認產品有問題,我們會盡快為顧客安排更換,本店恕不退款。For defective items, please inform us via email ( within 7 days after receiving the goods. The email should include the order number, purchase date, receipt soft copy, relevant product pictures, and the reason for goods exchange. If any information is missing, the goods exchange request will not be processed. After receiving the email, we will reply as soon as possible. If it is confirmed that there is a problem with the product, we will arrange goods exchange for the customer as soon as possible. There is no refund policy.

  • 如換貨申請成功,客人需承擔相關運費。For all successful goods exchange, the customer needs to bear the relevant shipping costs.

  • 如有錯寄或漏寄需要補寄之情況,本店只負責補寄至智能櫃,如客人選擇其他寄件方式運費需要自付,客人亦可選擇到長沙灣店更換。In case of wrong or missing items,  the items will only be sent to SF Express lockers. If the customer chooses other delivery methods, the shipping costs will be paid by the receiver. Customers can also choose to exchange goods at Cheung Sha Wan studio.

  • 換貨條件 Return policy:

    1. 退回的商品需完好無損和附件齊全(包含膠袋未拆開/特殊包裝完善),不影響二次銷售之全新商品 The returned products must be intact and complete with all accessories (including unopened plastic bags/complete special packaging), which will not affect re-selling of the product.

    2. 商品必須未使用過 The product must be unused.

  • 以下為無法換貨之情況及非瑕疵範圍之說明 The following is the conditions of the non-exchangeable situation:​

    • 收貨後超過七天才通知本店 Goods exchange request is over 7 days after goods receiving date

    • ​非質量問題 Non-defective products

    • 商品配件不全或損毀 Incomplete / used / damaged product

    • 特價貨品 Discounted items

    • 色差:​購買前請理解及同意因產品顏色與色調於不同環境及不同瀏覽裝置顯示上會有所不同,產品實物顏色與圖片中的顏色有機會有色差。Before purchase, it should be understood and agreed that the hue and color tone would look different in different settings, environment, and on different device displays. It is possible that the color of the actual product is slightly different from the photos shown on our website.

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