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Walnut Oil 8 oz. 天然核桃油

Our Refined Walnut Oil pairs perfectly as a medium with our Earth & Mineral Pigments to make a smooth, rich, luxurious oil paint. Slow-drying, non-toxic, and all-natural, this oil is a time-tested medium with great workability. Unlike linseed oil, this product doesn’t yellow over time, and its unique refractive index produces color that is naturally more bright and vibrant. Our Refined Walnut Oil is a great choice to mix with pigments, thin mixed paint, clean brushes, or make natural wood stains.


Packaged in 8 oz. glass bottle.


For information on mixing, using, and storing oil paints, visit our Natural Earth Oil Paint recipe. 


Before purchase, please click the Technical Data to read for more information.


天然的核桃油與天然礦物色粉,能混合出柔滑、色彩豐富的油畫顏料。產品耐乾、無毒和耐用。 與亞麻籽油不同,核桃油不會隨著時間的流逝而變黃,能令作品顏色更自然明亮。 核桃油用途廣泛,能與色粉混合、稀釋顏料、清潔畫筆或於天然木材上光。


容量:8 oz   (225ml) 玻璃瓶包裝。




購買前請先細閱Technical Data了解產品資訊。

Walnut Oil 8 oz. 天然核桃油

  • Packaging:This product is packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottles. Glass is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled repeatedly to create new products without losing quality.

    Safety & Quality:Made in the USA. Free of dairy and gluten. Vegan & cruelty-free. Contains nuts.

  • 包裝:本產品採用 100% 回收玻璃瓶包裝。


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