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Children Natural Earth Paint (Individual) - 兒童天然顏料(單色)

Our 100% non-toxic Children Natural Earth Paint creates a creamy, tempera-like paint when mixed with water. Just add more water to create brilliant watercolor-like paint! The rich, vibrant colors can be used for crafting and scrapbooking, and they work perfectly on wood, rocks, fabric, paper, glass, and more! These paints are suitable for all ages, and are 100% washable. Each packet makes up to 16 oz. of paint in total.


Looking for additional painting supplies? Try our Natural Earth Paint Kit!


Before purchase, please click the Technical Data Tab to read for ingredients and more information. 


兒童天然顏料Children Natural Earth Paint 100%天然無毒,成分:有機玉米澱粉、阿拉伯樹膠、天然土壞和礦物顏料。


使用方法簡單:色粉加入小量水即成順滑的蛋彩質地顏料,如添加更多的水即成具有透明度的水彩顏料。此產品為獨立小包顏料,每包約重16 盎司。


顏料色彩豐富鮮豔,能使用在不同材質表面上,如木材、岩石、織物、紙張、玻璃等。顏料適合所有年齡,易於用水清洗。我們建議您在每次繪畫時只混合所需的份量。製成的顏料,可在冰箱中可保存 2-3 週。




包裝:此產品包裝採用 100% 再生紙包裝。再生紙可以再次回收用於其他產品。


購買前請先細閱Technical Data了解產品資訊。

Children Natural Earth Paint (Individual) - 兒童天然顏料(單色)

  • Safety: Use care when handling any dry pigment; it’s not healthy to breathe any type of dust into your lungs, even if it is non-toxic and natural (like our pigments). Avoid inhaling pigment dust and use a mask when mixing if needed.

    Ingredients: Organic Corn Starch, Gum Arabic, Natural Earth & Mineral Pigments

    Shelf Life: We recommend that you mix only as much as you need for each painting session. After the paint is mixed, it will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator.

    Quality: Made in the USA. Free of nuts, dairy, and gluten. Cruelty-free. Not intended for consumption. 

    Packaging: This kit is packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Post-consumer recycled paper eliminates the need to cut down new trees to create paper as it utilizes pre-existing material, and it can be recycled again for use in other products.

  • 安全:處理任何色粉時必須小心,即使色粉無毒和天然,如吸入任何類型的粉狀物質都是不安全的。如果需要,請在製作顏料時使用面罩。


    保質期:我們建議您在每次繪畫時只混合所需的份量。製成的顏料,可在冰箱中可保存 2-3 週。


    包裝:此產品包裝採用 100% 再生紙包裝。再生紙可以再次回收用於其他產品。

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