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Natural Acrylic Medium 16oz. 天然塑膠彩媒介

Our new plant-based Natural Acrylic Medium is the first of its kind, made with naturally archival ingredients to provide a permanent, water-resistant and non-yellowing finish that dries crystal clear.


This product is 100% non-toxic and contains ZERO petroleum byproducts. Just like conventional acrylic mediums, this Natural Acrylic Medium has many uses, including mixing with natural pigments to make natural acrylic paint, varnishing, adhering, and more. You can finally paint with confidence knowing there are no harmful additives, stabilizers, heavy metals or other toxic chemicals added! Packaged in a 16 oz. glass jar.


For more uses, tutorials, and FAQs, please visit our Natural Acrylic Medium blog post.


Before purchase, please click the Technical Data to read for more information.


首創使用植物基底研發的天然塑膠彩媒材,成分天然、無毒、不含有石油副產物。可為畫作提供耐用、防水和不泛黃的表面,乾固後晶瑩剔透。 天然塑膠彩媒材能與天然色粉混合製成天然塑膠彩顏料。在沒有任何有害添加劑、重金屬或其他有毒化學物質等情況下,讓用家們可以放心地為畫作塗上色彩!


容量:16 盎司玻璃瓶包裝。




購買前請先細閱Technical Data了解產品資訊。


Natural Acrylic Medium 16oz. 天然塑膠彩媒介

  • Safety: Non-toxic with ZERO petroleum byproducts. Free from harmful additives, stabilizers, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals. Safe to wash down the drain and won’t damage pipes.

    Quality: Plant-based with naturally archival ingredients. Permanent and water-resistant. Non-yellowing finish that dries clear. Highly flexible, durable, UV-resistant, and non-cracking when dry.

    Packaging: This product is packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled glass jars. Glass is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled repeatedly to create new products without losing quality.

    Formulation: This product is a unique formulation that has been years in the making, so the specific ingredients are proprietary information. As such, we cannot share specific ingredient information at this time.

    More Information: Made in the USA. Free of nuts, dairy, and gluten. Cruelty-free. Not intended for consumption.

  • 安全性:零石油副產品、無毒。不含有害添加劑、穩定劑、重金屬和其他有毒化學物質。安全沖洗下水道,不會損壞管道。


    包裝:本產品採用 100% 回收玻璃罐包裝。



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